“The first and best thing a person can do is genuinely wish that Khyentse Foundation succeeds in its aspirations, from the heart.” – DJKR

“Even if a person offers just one cent to Khyentse Foundation it is really good, it’s like putting a drop of water in the ocean. A drop of water on its own will easily evaporate, but in the ocean it becomes part of something vast and powerful.” –DJKR

Khyentse Foundation is here because of its donors, for you and for future generations.

The great Tibetan yogi-saint Milarepa said that “the practitioner in the cave and the patron in the city will reach enlightenment together.”

Khyentse Foundation is the central channel for funds offered to Khyentse Rinpoche, inspired by his nonsectarian philanthropic vision.

May the teachers, the glory of the teachings, live long;
May the holders of the teachings cover the entire earth;
May the power and prosperity of the patrons of the teachings increase;
May all be auspicious for the teachings to endure.

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“We should view an offering of one rupee as an example of extreme generosity. Think that this is so amazing and encourage and praise and dedicate the merit of that. Then if the next day, you have the courage to offer one million dollars, think well, this is not really enough. This will help [you] see the Dharma, the truth, instead of the numbers.” – DJKR


Merit (Sanskrit punya, Pali punna) is accumulated through good deeds, thoughts, and actions, and contributes to a person’s growth toward spiritual liberation. Rinpoche has said that the quintessential teachings of the Buddha are difficult to understand, not because they are complicated but because they are so simple. One common method for understanding the truth is to study, but if we engage in too much academic analysis, he said, “we may get sidetracked. Accumulating merit is the one and only way to cultivate understanding and trust in simplicity.” Read about the merit of alms giving in an extract from The Sutra on the Original Vows and the Attainment of Merits of Ksitigrabha Bodhisattva, in particular, chapter ten, “The Comparison of Merits for Alms-giving.” (Ksitigrabha sutra 430 kb PDF download)


Dana (Sanskrit and Pali) means “generosity” or “giving.” It also refers to the practice of cultivating generosity. “It’s well known that dana lies at the beginning of Buddhist practice. Dana, quite literally, has kept the Dhamma alive. If it weren’t for the Indian tradition of giving to mendicants, the Buddha would never have had the opportunity to explore and find the path to Awakening. The monastic sangha wouldn’t have had the time and opportunity to follow his way. Dana is the first teaching in the graduated discourse: the list of topics the Buddha used to lead listeners step-by-step to an appreciation of the four noble truths, and often from there to their own first taste of Awakening. When stating the basic principles of karma, he would begin with the statement, “There is what is given.” Read more of this excerpt from an essay on dana, No Strings Attached: The Buddha’s Culture of Generosity, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.


The Tibetan word tendrel is often translated as “dependent arising” or “interdependence.” In Buddha’s teaching on interdependence, we see that all situations arise through the coming together of countless causes and conditions, karmic links. When you make a financial contribution to KF, even one cent, you are creating tendrel with Rinpoche’s activities. Even sending us a heartfelt wish that our mission to support all lineages of Buddhism can carry on without obstacles, creates an auspicious connection.


What Will Your Donation Do?

Every dollar you give makes a difference in the life of a student or practitioner — a nun in lifelong practice near Dzongsar Monastery or a lay person in 3-year retreat; a student pursuing her doctorate in Buddhist Studies or a Cambodian monk studying in Sri Lanka.

Here are just a few examples of what your donation can accomplish:

  • US$28 supports one day of medical clinic for 600 members of the monastic community and surrounding village, insuring a healthy environment for study and practice. Or it pays for the formatting of 300 pages of precious Buddhist texts for preservation for future generations.
  • US$10 monthly ($240 total with matching funds for one year) sponsors a child to attend a Dharma camp or covers the basic needs of a monk or nun for a year.
  • US$50 monthly ($1,200 total with matching funds for one year) helps a Bangladeshi monk pursuing a postgraduate degree so he can return to his monastery and teach the next generation. Or it sponsors a tulku to attend a leadership development workshop to acquire 21st-century communication skills.
  • US$108 monthly ($2,592 total with matching funds for one year) fully sponsors a visiting professor to teach at a major university in India for one month, sharing unique perspectives on the Dharma. Or helps an aspiring Dharma translator receive formal academic training.
  • US$500 monthly ($12,000 total with matching funds for one year) supports an intensive English program for 70 khenpos for one year, helping prepare them to teach the Dharma beyond monastery walls. Or it subsidize 24s lay practitioners to attend a 10-day retreat in the west.

These are just a few examples. Your unrestricted donation supports the whole spectrum of KF projects:

Monastic education
Training and development for tulkus and khenpos

Scholarships, grants, and awards
Buddhist education for children

Academic development


Revitalizing Buddhist Traditions
India, Cambodia, Bangladesh, and more


Partnership for Enlightenment

Pledges of recurring contributions of any amount are matched dollar for dollar by the Patrons of Manjushri. Individuals or groups may become Patrons of Manjushri by contributing to the Matching Fund pool. Joining the program is a significant annual commitment, instrumental in keeping Khyentse Foundation healthy and able to meet its obligations to grant recipients.

The Patrons of Manjushri program invites individuals, corporations, institutions, and foundations to be true partners and collaborators in a range of long-term projects undertaken by Khyentse Foundation. Our aspiration is that the circle patrons will form a stable basis for the Foundation to significantly increase our support for worthwhile projects within the next decade. To join the program, please contact Cangioli Che Jun Xie, or Christine Ng for one-on-one discussion in English or Chinese.

Manjushri is the Bodhisattva of Wisdom and Lord of Speech, an awakened warrior of boundless compassion, who vowed to take rebirth under any circumstances in order to teach all future Buddhas. Inspired by Manjushri’s limitless wisdom and tireless activities, and under Rinpoche’s guidance, Khyentse Foundation’s numerous projects are all focused on a single ultimate goal: to bring all sentient beings to Buddhahood, the state of full awakening or enlightenment.

The purpose of the Patrons of Manjushri program is to fund all of Khyentse Foundation’s activities worldwide, from the smallest individual grant to the largest university-based education project. 

Monthly Donor Stories

We love to hear from our supporters about their decision to become regular contributors to the matching funds program. All monthly contributions are automatically doubled through the program, thanks to the Patrons of Manjushri. In many ways, the matching fund program is the lifeblood of Khyentse Foundation. Scroll through some of these stories in the slider below and read them all here.

Primeira Pessoa: Preservando o Budismo, Cultivando a Devoção

Apesar de a mensagem central do Dharma do Buda ser atemporal, eu compreendi que, em sua sabedoria, o Rinpoche enxergou a importância de reconstruir e fortalecer os pilares que deram suporte ao budismo através da história. Esta é uma empreitada na qual o Rinpoche se aplica de todo coração, e para a qual ele devota tanto esforço quanto para a orientação de seus alunos.

Um método para cultivar a devoção ao Rinpoche é caminhar a seu lado na missão de preserver o Budismo como uma tradição viva, autêntica e relevante no século 21. Dado que o Rinpoche, em grande extensão, confiou esta tarefa à Fundação Khyentse, através de nosso suporte podemos ampliar o relacionamento com nosso professor.

– Manoel Vidal

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