Text Preservation

Text Preservation

Khyentse Foundation identifies and supports like-minded organizations engaged in the preservation of seminal Buddhist texts in Tibetan, Pali, Sanskrit, and other Asian languages. As well as the Buddha’s teachings, many of these texts also provide rich historical detail about such topics as metaphysics, ethics, philosophy, psychology, medicine, poetry, and art.

Tibetan Buddhist Resources Center (TBRC)

Khyentse Foundation is committed to supporting the work of TBRC and continuing the legacy of its legendary founder, the late Gene Smith, by preserving, organizing, and disseminating Tibetan Buddhist literature. Using the latest digital technology, TBRC is helping to ensure that the treasures of this world wisdom heritage will not be lost or endangered again due to political, social, or natural disasters.

Fragile Palm Leaves Foundation

Khyentse Foundation supports the preservation initiative led by Professor Peter Skilling of the Fragile Palm Leaves Foundation, a nonprofit foundation based in Bangkok, Thailand. Its aim is to preserve ancient Buddhist manuscripts and make them available through replication. The project’s collection includes manuscripts in Pali and several Southeast Asian languages, including Burmese, Shan, Tai Khun, Tai Lue, and Mon. These manuscripts are in a variety of formats, primarily on palm leaf but also on paper and other materials.