Leadership & Teacher Training

Leadership Training

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, tulkus are trained to become exemplary Dharma teachers, thoroughly educated by dedicated tutors and contemporary  masters. Today, many also learn English in order to teach in the West. Eventually, most will also be expected to run their own monasteries, retreat centers, or institutes of learning. But although their Buddhist training is rigorous, few have the leadership and management skills required to manage these institutions and to facilitate their interaction with western students and organizations. They may also lack the planning and time-management skills to maximize their contributions in the secular world.

Khyentse Foundation is developing an integrated program to address these issues, enabling tulkus to attend leadership training courses at world-class universities. The first phase of this four-phase initiative was launched at Dzongsar Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö Institute in 2011.

Teacher Training

In addition to supporting monastic education, Khyentse Foundation supports programs that encourage, train, and prepare western students, lay practitioners, and scholars to become the Buddhist teachers of the future.

Youth Development

As part of its ongoing leadership training initiative to empower a new generation of dharma students, KF is strengthening its support for youth development programs such as summer camps, workshops, and conferences for Buddhist youth in numerous countries worldwide.